I know you are unique, beautiful and have something to offer the world.

Are you ready to accomplish your dreams, for yourself and your Brand?

I’m Milissa Claire, and my passion for authentic branding photography and visual strategist that will guarantee you a standing ovation every single time. If you’re ready to open the curtains of visibility and showcase your unique services, let’s work together to put your brand center stage in today’s online market.

When the curtains come up, does your brand steal the show?

Do you want to attract more of your ideal clients, and have them waiting in line to work with you?

Through a combination of authentic branding photography, success coaching, and visibility strategies, you’ll become a #GlobalBrandStar, growing your business with confidence, consistency, authenticity and determination.

There is no better time than now.

The perfect moment is now.

A picture is worth 1,000 words
A great picture starts 1,000 conversations
and an amazing picture creates 1,000 CLICKS

Milissa’s intuitive instincts and ability to put those in front of the camera at ease enables her to bring out their confident global brand star essence.

She works closely with you to achieve clarity around the vision for you brand and to create a strategic plan to tell you story visually online.

She knows that the online world can become impersonal and cluttered, she will lead you in making your presence personal and authentic. So that you can connect with your ideal high-end clients.

Iva Georgieva, Brand Strategist
Florence, Italy

  • Imagine waking up in the morning feeling more confident, excited about your Brand, and beautiful because you have so many amazing branding images to promote your services.
  • While you work, you feel more centered, determined and efficient because you have a strategy to attract more clients.
  • Imagine having the 1:1 support and tools you desire to take your Brand to its next level.

Curiosity gets the clicks.

I can’t find the words to express how amazing I felt during the photo shoot with Milissa. She made me feel totally calm and confident. I really felt like a rock star! This is why I had 2 photoshoots with her within 3 months. She has such a positive and soothing energy and a great taste. My pictures are so beautiful that even if I use the same ones again and again my clients keep complimenting me about it. Thanks Milissa !!

Michele Jabre

Crazy Love Coach and Clinical Psychologist

After my lifestyle shoot in Paris with Milissa, my online following grew and new clients came in! “Working with Milissa in Paris was an incredible experience….. I started sharing those pics on social media and through my email marketing and I noticed more people following me and more people wanting to work with me because they saw what I was doing and what I had been able to accomplish and they were very inspired by it. Thank you Milissa!”

Jessica Riverson
Permission to Charge

“I used to be so uncomfortable having my picture taken. That changed when I started working with Milissa. Not only is she a great photographer with a keen eye for detail but more importantly she makes me feel at ease so my pictures look natural.”

Simona Skoll

You can´t afford to keep waiting for the perfect moment to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

I remember a time when I felt invisible online.

I was the definition of spin cycle and a visual mess.

I was frustrated, and I did not understand how to make my transformational life coaching business work.

I made a decision that I AM WORTH IT.

I created the energy of NOW.

I became consistent with a visual story, brand message, and TOOK ACTION.

You are the only one who can make a choice to go for your dreams.

  • Greater clarity in your Brand
  • Strategies to attract your ideal clients
  • Beautiful and Authentically aligned Branding Images
  • 1:1 support and accountability
  • More clients and financial freedom
  • Greater sense of fulfilment

Be the shining star in a crowd of online Entrepreneurs and Coaches.

The Time is Now

Harness the Power of Attraction Marketing.
Leverage the Power of Your Online Images and Magnetize Your Success.


your eye and camera are magic

~ Brigette Zonta

Contact Milissa’s team to discuss your Branding Photoshoot and VIP Experience.

Milissa Claire is a branding photographer and visual storyteller. She has a natural talent for capturing her clients’ authentic essence by allowing them to feel confident, comfortable and at ease in front of the camera.

She empowers online entrepreneurs to become global brand stars, through visual storytelling and by supporting them with the tools and knowledge so that they can leverage their images online. Milissa is passionate about empowering her clients to be visible and provides the strategies so that they can authentically cut through the noise of the online marketplace.

Milissa’s entrepreneurial instincts and bold thinking have always led to impressive successes – including creating fame for herself in a place where no one even knew her name – and her clients benefit from this one-of-a-kind background. She knows exactly what it takes to create, maintain and maximize visibility, and she is passionate about helping her clients to unlock this potential for themselves. Her services include branding photoshoots and her Global Brand Star program, which enables online entrepreneurs to create exciting visual stories to promote their brands and to attract their ideal clients.


I’m very happy with my photos, that match my brand and continues to show women, like I do, that dreams do come true and that you can create ANYTHING you desire, even childhood dreams that once felt impossible. Thank you Milissa!

Sazzu Hope
Success Coach

Milissa is not JUST a photographer. She is a photographer with a heart and soul. I know she don’t have to do this but she really make sure she understands your true and unique essence before she takes your photos.

Elyse Anne
Founder of The Spiritual Entrepreneurs and The Spiritual School of Money.

She has a natural gift for capturing the essence of one’s self. I felt very comfortable with Milissa ….It’s an investment in yourself and your brand! Thank you again.

Milissa Lehman
Yoga instructor and psychotherapist