Knock knock…

Who’s there?

Your $oul and it wants recognition!



Do you ever think that you have to be a fictitious character OR like “someone else” in order to have a successful online brand? 

???? SHAZAM???? THAT is total BS!

Some mentors will say that you have to do it their way in order to succeed.

But what does your powerful $oul say?

Are you listening?
Shazam! ??  – The lies that keep you in hiding…

Get the high level coaching required to discover what stories you have in your subconscious and EMERGE into your greatness.

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The Truth:

YOU don’t have to follow some else or BE someone else. You don’t need to look and live like they do in order to create an authentic, ICONIC brand ?  That’s just an illusion that sells! 

Build a Brand With UNSTOPPABLE integrity to serve your $oul’s calling and your client’s needs.

Discover & uncover YOUR raw truths.
Tap into the brave voice that is wanting to be heard.

Contact me now to find out how to FIND YOUR BRILLIANCE today. I provide coaching that leads to some SERIOUS tranformation. 

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Global Brand Star Community Member Testimonial:
Look what happened for one client after her coaching session – She decided it was time to get out of hiding. She changed her Facebook profile pic and immediately manifested $$$’s into her account. Here’s what she had to say about her session. 

“Hi Milissa

I would like to thank you for all your energy, time and unconditional support you send my way. To help me work on my inner struggles and conquer them. It’s amazing how you empower and support me and other women, just for the sake of them becoming their best versions. Our sessions are always extremely insightful and every time I discover and learn something new about myself.

Also, your non judgemental energy creates a safe space and inspires me to open up and dig deeper in my own issues without any fear of being judged or criticized. 🙂 <3

P.S.. Milissa offered me her unconditional support and help after she saw my post in one of the private FB groups where I openly expressed my struggles with my inner fears and stories, which are sabotaging my own happiness.
She’s teaching me the amazing lesson on how to accept the gifts from the Universe as easily as I’m willing to give them to others myself <3

P.P.S… if you are searching for a safe space to simply be yourself and someone to guide you without judgement – Milissa is as strong as a rock to support you in your journey!”

~ Misty Jade, Professional Pianist, London UK. 

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