I can’t find the words to express how amazing I felt during the photo shoot with Milissa. She made me feel totally calm and confident. I really felt like a rock star! This is why I had 2 photoshoots with her within 3 months. She has such a positive and soothing energy and a great taste. My pictures are so beautiful that even if I use the same ones again and again my clients keep complimenting me about it. Thanks Milissa !!

Michele Jabre

Crazy Love Coach and Clinical Psychologist

”After my lifestyle shoot in Paris with Milissa, my online following grew and new clients came in! “Working with Milissa in Paris was an incredible experience. We started out on the balcony of a beautiful apartment and I was so grateful she provided that location. I got some amazing shots there. We moved to a location near the Eiffel tower and along the way she took this amazing shot of me walking to the cab. She is super creative and took every opportunity during our entire shoot time to take pictures of me and because of that we got a lot of unexpected shots that I could use for my blog, social media, etc. I have so many amazing shots that I haven’t even shared them all yet! After my lifestyle shoot, I started sharing those pics on social media and through my email marketing and I noticed more people following me and more people wanting to work with me because they saw what I was doing and what I had been able to accomplish and they were very inspired by it. Thank you Milissa!”

Jessica Riverson

Permission to Charge

“Dear Milissa I’m writing you these words to let you know what a great difference you have made in my life! I never thought I could feel the way you have made me feel and the way I think of life now. As you know I have gone through much changes and I felt I was lost and had no direction … Until I met you and the wonderful things you have taught me about feelings and thoughts and life. I have slowly but surely become a much better person for me for my surrounds and for the higher power that rules us .. Thanks to your guidance and light I have become a better person. I have learned to love myself once again when I thought all was lost in my heart and soul …. Thank you my angel for all the things you have done for me … The patience you have had with me and most of all for the love and light you have shared with me ! Bless you my angel !”

Roxie Quintana

“Milissa is a wonderful and inspiring soul. We spent the weekend together connecting and I received so many valuable tools to use in my personal and professional life. I was inspired, enlightened and in awe over her loving way and nurturing heart. We had so much fun taking pictures and she made me feel truly beautiful and empowered. It was a transformational experience. We dug deep into my emotional side and connected with my higher power and found ways to keep my vibration up! I want to live my best version of myself and Milissa is helping me in this journey of loving the you. I appreciate you Milissa and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and beautiful energy with me. It was a truly magical experience.”

Christina Bruce

3 month testimonial:

“There is a ball of light full of love and gratitude. I give it all to Milissa. She has guided me over this time of change and growth. I cannot tell you how full my heart is but it is exploding with gratitude. I have learned so much with her help, I’ve overcome so much fear and hurt. I’ve become more grounded and now I am going for my dreams! Things have shifted in my life and I have found love, a new career and I’m on my way to receiving big financial growth too. I feel she is my angel, watching over me and guiding me. She is a wonderful coach, very supportive and always there for me. I am having such a wonderful experience with her as my rock. Thank you Milissa.”

Christina Bruce

“I had the privilege of having a professional photo shoot with Milissa Roseberg when I was travelling to beautiful Paris. Milissa is extremely professional, honest and in-tune with her clients. She helped me prepare for a marvelous photo shoot by: Talking to me about my vision and goal for the shoot- she essentially helped me paint a picture of what I was wanting to achieve, which was a Chic Vintage Paris look. Asking me to send pictures of my chosen dresses and accessories. Being honest and providing feedback on what will photograph best as well as, the outfits that fit the theme. Suggesting that I spend some time meditating on my ‘theme’ and visualizing a beautiful photo-shoot. Thank you Milissa for an amazing photo shoot! I look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Martina Blaho

Success Coach for Women in Healthcare, Martina Blaho

“Milissa was so helpful in allowing us to feel comfortable and painting the image that allows us to see the and understand the amazing experience. Nothing else in the world mattered but us. She was able to navigate the area and utilize the surroundings that made of feel amazing in our photoshoot. It has bee. A dream to do a photoshoot in Europe and Milissa allowed that dream to be a reality. A beautiful day we will never forget.”

Lola & Violet

Lifestyle and Body Luxe Coaches

“Dear Milissa Rosberg, thank you for the coaching session I received from you today! Thanks you for the tips and insights like celebrating myself and be myself as much as I can, expanding my energy, not being afraid, burst through fears, and to inspire other women with being visible myself. I loved being connected with you because you inspire me to be visible and let me shine my own light by shining yours! Your appearance and heart are beautiful!! Love from the Netherlands! XOXO!”

Leideke Jans

“Working with Milissa is inspiring and enjoyable. She has a way of bringing out parts of you that are hiding in a way that is safe and fun. She models what she coaches and the afternoon we worked together was ease, grace and fun. Her light shines brightly and her kind and caring soul is a blessing to know. Milissa is a beautiful and amazing individual. She is dedicated and committed to not only honoring her own light and gifts, and to bring the light out in her clients. Milissa is beautiful inside and out – she is genuine and strong in a gentle way. Milissa is kind, fun and an inspiration to work with. Her energy is light and love.”

Nancy Nicholson Kobel

NASA Engineer, Leadership and Empowerment for Professional Women

“I used to be so uncomfortable having my picture taken. That changed when I started working with Milissa. Not only is she a great photographer with a keen eye for detail but more importantly she makes me feel at ease so my pictures look natural. I have been getting so many compliments. One of my favorite ones was that I look so approachable which is very important to my brand as a Marketing Strategist & Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. Milissa gets me. I love this pic!”

Simona Skoll

“I had the pleasure of having a session with Milissa recently. During our session, Milissa was able to target areas of my business that were causing blockages in achieving success. Clarity is key and if I am unclear my clients will not comprehend how I am able to serve them. I am ready to take my business to the next level. In order to accomplish that goal I need to implement the steps I learned from Milissa. Her approach, as well as demeanor, made me feel comfortable sharing my shortcomings. She did not judge. She provided tips to help me transform those behaviors.”

Tina C. Hines

“Milissa helped me at the deepest level to figure out many of my limited beliefs and habits that I create over the past 20+ years which I must say completely held me back from achieving and becoming more…. I was always doubting and second guessing my abilities, business ideas and myself… In just 90 days, I am today more confident and certain, as a result, I got a great promotion at work, started my own business, and now starting to make a difference in my community. Forever grateful!”

Antoine F. Adrien

”Working with Milissa has been an amazing experience. She gave me my certainty back by giving me the ability to create the breakthroughs I needed during turbulent times in my business and personal life. I recommend Milissa to anyone looking to bring out their true potential, and get the most from their self and others. I’m so grateful for the time we were able to work together. Thank you for everything, God bless you in everything you do.”

Nadia Pulido

“Milissa! Thank you for your encouragement and support toward my goals of taking PurposeDweller.com to the next level. Your ability to see my potential continues to enable me to see it as well!”


Purpose Dweller

“I just want to say that I had a call with Milissa yesterday and it totally ROCKED!!!!!!!!

We focused on my mindset & belief patterns (because yes- I really am ready to start living my life amazingly!) and I cannot tell you how powerful our session was- I was so moved emotionally that I was nearly in tears at the end of our visualisation exercise.

I re-connected with dreams that I had a year ago- dreams I had forgotten about- dreams that I didn’t dare believe because I thought they were impossible and Milissa totally made me see that they ARE possible- and in fact- they are mine to live and enjoy TODAY rather than in some far off date in the future.

I seriously cannot WAIT to go over what I learned from the call with her and continue doing the exercise I learned.

Milissa- you’re a true gem. You’re everything you portray yourself to be- plus more and I cannot wait to work with you again. xx”

Rachel Hope

¨Milissa, you re-awakened my self belief and gave me clear access to my life´s vision. You rekindled a sleeping awareness inside of me and now I am remembering my dreams. I feel more confident and want to go beyond my own expectations. Your guided visualizations give me the courage to follow through and go for my life´s dreams. Thank you.¨

Adel Albadey